Marijuana Packaging for Sale to Consumers - Regulations of Oregon

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Packaging for Sale to Consumer
(1) The purpose of this rule is to set the minimum standards for the packaging of
marijuana items that are sold to the consumer, applicable to:
(a) A licensee; or
(b) On and after October 1, 2016, a registrant who is not exempt from the labeling
(2) Containers or packaging for marijuana items must protect a marijuana item from
contamination and must not impart any toxic or deleterious substance to the marijuana
(3) Marijuana items for ultimate sale to a consumer, except for immature plants and
seeds, must:
(a) Be packaged in a container that is child-resistant as certified by a qualified third
party child-resistant package testing firm or placed within an exit package that is
certified by a qualified third party child-resistant package testing firm prior to final sale to
(b) If the marijuana item is a cannabinoid product that contains more than 15 mg of
THC, or if the item is an
extract or concentrate that contains more than a single
, be packaged in a container or placed in an exit package that is capable of
being resealed and made child resistant again after it has been opened, as certified by
a qualified third party child-resistant package testing firm.
(c) Not be packaged or labeled in a manner that is attractive to minors; and
(d) Be labeled in accordance with OAR 333-007-0010 to 333-007-0100.
(4) Packaging may not contain any text that makes an untruthful or misleading
(5) Nothing in this rule:
(a) Prevents the re-use of packaging that is capable of continuing to be child-resistant,
as permitted by rules established by the Commission or the Authority; or
(b) Prohibits the Commission or the Authority from imposing additional packaging
requirements in their respective rules governing licensees and registrants.

(6) A licensee or registrant must provide to the Commission or the Authority upon that
agency’s request, additional information about the testing that was performed by the
qualified third party child-resistant package testing firm in accordance with 16 CFR
Stat. Auth.: ORS 475B.615
Stats. Implemented: ORS 475B.070, 475B.090, 475B.100, 475B.110, 475B.615 &

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