Recreational Marijuana Sanctions - Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Effective September 20, 2016


Exhibit 1, OAR 845-025-8590
Oregon Liquor Control Commission
Recreational Marijuana Sanctions


Categories for Most Common Violations

Category 1


  • Conviction of a felony (licensee)
  • Operating other than the license permits
  • Intentional false statement to the Commission
  • Intentional destruction or concealment of evidence
  • Intentional failure to pay taxes to Department of Revenue
  • Permitted noisy, disorderly or unlawful activity that results in death or serious physical injury, or that involves unlawful use or attempted use of a deadly weapon against another person, or that results in a sexual offense which is a Class A felony, such as first degree rape, sodomy, or unlawful sexual penetration
  • Failure to notify prior to complete change of ownership/allowed interest in licensed business without prior Commission approval
  • Operated licensed business while suspended

Category 2


  • False statement or representation to Commission (other than intentional)
  • Under the influence of intoxicants while on duty
  • Failure to verify the age of a minor (intentional)
  • Failure to promptly admit regulatory specialist or law enforcement into licensed retail premises
  • Destruction or concealment of evidence (other than intentional)
  • Denial of access by law enforcement or regulatory specialist to the licensed premises during regular business hours
  • Permitted noisy, disorderly or unlawful activity that involves use of a dangerous weapon against another person with intent to cause death or serious physical injury
  • Failure to promptly admit regulatory specialist or law enforcement onto the licensed premises when premises appear closed (for producer, processor, wholesale or lab licensees, and research certificate holders)
  • Failure to permit premises or records inspection

Category 3


  • Permitted minor to enter or remain in a prohibited area
  • Conviction of a crime other than a felony (licensee)
  • Permitted sales by an employee without a marijuana worker permit
  • Sold or made recreational marijuana available to a visibly intoxicated person
  • Consumption of marijuana, alcohol or other intoxicants while on duty
  • Permitted consumption (by employees, customers or the public) of alcohol, marijuana or other intoxicants on the licensed premises or in areas adjacent to the licensed premises under licensee’s control (such as parking lots)
  • Failure to keep required records (other than as required in 845-025-7500, seed-to-sale tracking requirements)
  • Failure to follow an approved security plan
  • Permitted disorderly activity
  • Permitted unlawful (under state law) activity
  • Failure to complete manifest before transport
  • Failure to pay taxes to the Department of Revenue

Category 4


  • Operated the licensed business after lawful hours for sale of marijuana items (retail licensees)
  • Removed, altered or covered license suspension or other required notice sign
  • Advertising violations

Category 5


  • Permitted marijuana items to be given as a prize (retail licensees)
  • Failure to notify the Commission of a temporary closure of the licensed business (all licenses and certificates)