Transportation and Delivery - Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Effective September 20, 2016




Transportation and Delivery of Marijuana Items
(1) Marijuana items may only be transferred between licensed premises by a licensee or licensee representative.
(2) An individual authorized to transport marijuana items must have a valid Oregon Driver’s License.
(3) A licensee must:
(a) Keep marijuana items in transit shielded from public view;
(b) Use a vehicle for transport that is:
(A) Insured at or above the legal requirements in Oregon;
(B) Capable of securing (locking) the marijuana items during transportation;
(C) Equipped with an alarm system; and
(D) Capable of being temperature controlled if perishable marijuana items are being transported.
(c) Using CTS, generate a printed transport manifest that accompanies every transport of marijuana items that contains the following information:
(A) The name, contact information of a licensee representative, licensed premises address and license number of the licensee transporting the marijuana items;
(B) The name, contact information of the licensee representative, licensed premises address, and license number of the licensee receiving the delivery;
(C) Product name and quantities (by weight or unit) of each marijuana item contained in each transport, along with the UIDs for every item;
(D) The date of transport and approximate time of departure;
(E) Arrival date and estimated time of arrival;
(F) Delivery vehicle make and model and license plate number; and
(G) Name and signature of the licensee’s representative accompanying the transport.
(4) A licensee must generate the manifest required by section (3)(c) of this rule at least 24 hours in advance of initiating transportation if the marijuana items transported pursuant to the manifest exceed:
(a) 25 pounds of usable marijuana;
(b) One pound of cannabinoid concentrate or extract; or
(c) 1000 units of sale of any individual cannabinoid product.
(5) A licensee may not void or change a transportation manifest after departing from the originating premises.
(6) All marijuana items must be packaged in shipping containers and labeled with a UID tag prior to transport.
(7) A licensee must provide a copy of the transport manifest to each licensed premises receiving the inventory described in the transport manifest, but in order to maintain transaction confidentiality, may prepare a separate manifest for each receiving licensed premises.
(8) A licensee must provide a copy of the printed transport manifest and any printed receipts for marijuana items delivered to law enforcement officers or other representatives of a government agency if requested to do so while in transit.
(9) A licensee must contact the Commission immediately, or as soon as possible under the circumstances, if a vehicle transporting marijuana items is involved in any accident that involves product loss.
(10) Upon receipt of inventory a receiving licensee must ensure that the marijuana items received are as described in the transport manifest.
(11) A receiving licensee must separately document any differences between the quantity specified in the transport manifest and the quantities received. Such documentation shall be made in CTS and in any relevant business records.
(12) A licensee must provide temperature control for perishable marijuana items during transport.
(13) Any vehicle transporting marijuana items must travel directly from the shipping licensee to the receiving licensee and must not make any unnecessary stops in between except to other licensed premises receiving inventory.
(14) A licensee must notify the Commission in advance of the location of every stop at an unlicensed location that exceeds two hours in duration.
(15) If the licensee’s delivery vehicle is stopped at an unlicensed location the licensee must immediately make the vehicle and its contents available for inspection upon the Commission’s request.
(16) A licensee may transport marijuana on behalf of other licensees if the transporting licensee holds a wholesale license.
Stat. Auth.: ORS 475B.025, 475B.070, 475B.090, 475B.100 & 475B.110
Stats. Implemented: ORS 475B.025, 475B.070, 475B.090, 475B.100 & 475B.110