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Stashfresh is reaching out to the world through social media. The booming industry of medical cannabis packaging is spreading its reach. According to Mr. Chris Walsh of Marijuana Business Daily, the potential market of legal marijuana in United States may grow up to $30 Billion in 2018.  As of last year, the estimated value of legal marijuana industry is $10 Billion.  There is no reason why we can't tap the market and offer a very hot product to the industry.

Stashfresh is offering compliant packaging solutions for legal marijuana industry. We currently offer 2 products in wholesale and distributor prices - VacJar and Shatter/Concentrates. Both are fully customizable and can be labeled and branded with your own business name.

If you are interested in venturing in the ever-growing legal marijuana industry, not just in United States but also in Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries, get connected with StashFresh at

Start early in the legal marijuana business industry.