The Right Storage is Crucial for your Cannabis

Marijuana is rising. With Election Day having come and gone, the citizens (and states) have spoken. With ballot measures passing in California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine, these four states have joined the previous quartet of Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington (with the District of Columbia also in the fold) in legalizing adult recreational use of the previously embattled plant. 28 other states have approved medical marijuana programs.

The continued growth of cannabis legalization means big business-- and that as growers, dispensaries and pot shops become more ubiquitous, there are other, less visible players in the industry who are there to support the aforementioned and gain a slice of the weed pie (or brownie). Marijuana packaging is one of them. For those that need marijuana storage, either for personal or retail use, weed jars, stash jars and kush bottles are becoming an important part of the cannabis lexicon, and with good cause.

A survey done by MMJ Business Daily found that the average cannabis user spends $1,500-$2,500 annually on weed, but while there aren't concrete numbers on marijuana storage product sales, it wouldn't be a stretch to say they pale in comparison. The obvious reason for this is because for many, it’s not around long enough to store. But for some, their weed stays with them for a couple weeks before it’s completely used. For the ones who like to keep some around or can't finish it all in one pop, it would make a great deal of sense to invest in proper storage, after all, weed is organic matter that will degrade from oxygen, UV light and evaporative loss.

Stash Fresh brand marijuana packaging is one such solution to these problems. As one of the newcomers to the industry, their goal is to provide highly affordable marijuana storage and packaging solutions that are on the cutting edge of technology. This means using advanced materials and features such as non-stick plastics and child-locking features, while also providing eye-catching designs to their products.

Now, back to the issue of how to keep your marijuana fresh!

The Best Weed Storage Method

The best weed storage method is to keep it in an airtight, dark, humid environment. Oxygen and UV light degrades THC, and studies have shown light to be the biggest cause of degradation in cannabinoids. Therefore, you need to keep your marijuana away from direct sunlight, and containers with opacity will enhance this protection. Additionally, too much air will cause evaporative loss, leaving the trichomes brittle and tasteless. Trichomes are the plant's protection against natural predators, but these sticky hairs that cover the bud are also where the flavor of its terpenes lies.

Stash Fresh produces a container that addresses both the light and air problem, called VacJar. Sturdy, opaque and airtight, it is a handsome solution to the issues facing weed storage. Oh, and did I mention affordable? This is because they are the manufacturer of their own products-- which means they are able to offer vendors factory-direct pricing.

Although a newcomer to the burgeoning marijuana packaging scene and a product lineup still in its infancy, the combination of design, functionality, affordability and quality make this company one to keep an eye out for.

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