Trichomes, Concentrates, And A Storage Solution

Cannabinoids and terpenes are sometimes referred to as the “miracle molecules” that deliver therapeutic value to recreational or medical cannabis users, but where on the marijuana plant are these compounds derived?

Both cannabinoids and terpenes are produced in small glands present on the flowers and leaves of late-stage cannabis plants called trichomes. Trichomes, which gets its meaning from the Greek trikhōma meaning "hair", may appear to be tiny, crystalline structures on the surface of the buds, fan leaves, and to a lesser extent, on the stalk. Comprised primarily of a stalk and a head, it is within the head of the trichome that the actual production of cannabinoids like THC occurs. And, as most of us already know, THC is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis-- what gives users their high.

How to amplify the effects of THC, though, without having to smoke a whole bag of weed? The answer lies in concentrates. Cannabis concentrates, also referred to as cannabis extracts, are considerably more potent than standard cannabis buds. When made properly a cannabis concentrate resembles the cannabis strain it was extracted from, but the smell, taste, and effects are amplified since there is a larger concentration by weight.

Some of the common types of extracts are kief, hash, butane hash oil or BHO, and CO2 oil, to name a few. BHO in particular is one of the more popular forms of concentrates because its THC content can be as high as 80-90%. Within the BHO category, there are different consistencies for which people use different names, among them shatter (for the glass-like consistency when broken), wax, glass, honeycomb, etc. As you can probably guess from these names, BHO and its various forms resemble a wax-like substances-- and these could melt when subjected to warm temperatures.

What you probably aren't looking forward to doing if your concentrates melt is spend time recovering it by scraping the stuck residuals from whatever container you have stored it in. Stash Fresh marijuana packaging has come up with a solution to this problem in their small, discreet concentrates container. Using a proprietary non-stick material and further enhanced by an optional add-in liner, even if your product has melted from its original form, it will come right out of the container without hassle. On top of this, as more and more states add child-safety lock regulations into the packaging requirements, Stash Fresh concentrates containers has approved child-lock features to keep kids out of these potent extracts. Not to be overlooked, the company also offers various labeling options so that state regulations on packaging will be met.

For customers who are looking to brand their own product, Stash Fresh offers the ability to do so by adding logos and customizing color combinations on request (subject to order minimums). And, since they manufacture their own products, customers will be able to get significant savings over the marketplace with the company's factory-direct pricing. Their products should be of significant interest to distributors and large-scale retailers who are looking for marijuana packaging that is differentiated from the rest, as Stash Fresh continues to research and innovate to bring affordable solutions to the market.

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